Education is Not Preparation For Life; Education is Life Itself.

About Us

Sun Flower Foundation is small enough to ensure that every pupil is well-known by the staff and teachers are able to ensure progress is carefully monitored and every student feels valued and successful. At the same time it is large enough to provide each child with a range of potential friendships and a wide variety of learning experiences.

Academic work and self-discipline are at the centre of school life but a full programme of activities, events and school journeys also help to develop pupils' curiosity. All pupils are involved in school activities which aim to make them more self-aware and help them acquire the skills needed for adult life. Our continuing objective is to instil the belief that education is a preparation for the future.

Sun Flower Foundation, we believe that both the mind and the character need to be fostered to ensure students achieve the best results they can. We focus on the individual and challenge every pupil to make their special contribution. I urge you to visit the school for yourself where you will find a very happy, industrious and purposeful place of learning.

We look forward to welcoming you,